By Timothy Paul Okorocha

In politics, people argue out the reasons why certain line of thoughts and actions must be taken to instill some democratic ethos in any clime. Political players therefore, invoke their authority, competences which will serve as influencers to convince majority of their publics that a certain course of action will be more germane in a given dispensation, as it were.

The introduction into politics of several advocacy groups has no doubt played a key role in shaping voters’ view point in deciding who they can support to win elections. In any clime, this age long role of Advocates in politics has been a reference point that cannot be toyed with.

No wonder political players romanticize with such emerging groups to do all the leg work through mass mobilization of the citizenry, in order to unravel what makes candidates thick and marketable. In the run up to the 2023 elections in Nigeria; these groups will take vantage positions to identify worthy parties, candidates and voters and help in mobilizing the masses.

The aim in the long run may be varied, some selfish, to secure appointments, some patriotic while some will pander to a short term motive of stomach infrastructure. Whatever is the motive, you cannot discard the place of organized groups, cheer leaders, praise singers in the political emancipation of a society.

It, no doubt, cuts across continents, as there are die-hard groups, individuals and corporate firms, who must drum support for parties, candidates as well as good governance. The case of the immediate past President of the United States, Donald Trump will come in handy, even with his ethnic bias, he still had a cult-like movement of citizens who were devoted to his Whites versus Blacks divide, that almost two years after his disgraceful exit, they still clamour to have him back.

Such Advocacy groups for the Trump could tell a discerning mind how potent they can influence or foul the political atmosphere, if law and institutions are not built on firm foundation.

In our circumstance, we are all witnesses to what a selfish Advocacy group -the Association for Better Nigeria (ABN) midwifed by late Senator Authur Nzeribe did, as it scuttled the election of Alhaji Kashimawo Abiola in 1993, almost dismembering the corporate existence of Nigeria.

In what looked like a one-man riot squad, Nzeribe headed to the Federal High Court, Jokingly to some; and succeeded in nullifying the announcement of the result of the election which Abiola was winning

And that was how the Babangida’s supervised election came to a halt. I decided to go memory lane to bring to the fore how potent the registered Advocacy groups or even the unregistered ones can put some spanners in the works of any country’s political evolution.

Beaming the searchlight on our entry into the political and governance turf, it goes to encapsulate how important we can key into the exciting politics in view; and the possible role we can play as a group to make a positive impact in the unfolding political calculus.

Drawing strength from the Door-to-Door- Advocacy group that propelled Jonathan into office in his first term, the Elites for Good Society Initiatives will set an agenda that will be unique in the light of its unbiased posturing, to encourage well-meaning politicians to hold office for the sake of service to mankind.

Founded on the tripods of good governance, service to humanity and the elimination of corruption in politics; the Body of Elites will collaborate with politicians and parties of like minds to achieve these onerous duties.

For so long, politics has been left in the hands of people of devious character, the Elites will set the tone for transparency, decency and practicing politics without bitterness. It will identify quality Nigerians vying for political offices, to promote their ideals for better society, it will stand firm with organisations, irrespective of tribe, religion and bias to enthrone the kind of government in all strata of the society, be it at the presidential level, state, local councils or in the communities.

The Elites for Good Society Initiatives, co-ordinated by quality characters Viz, Hon Joseph Onuoha, and Mr King Evans as President has already shown the way with its engagement with some government officials, politicians to jaw-jaw on how the nation can transit from cash-and-carry politics to transparency in governance.

Its campaigns and mass mobilisation in the weeks and months ahead will propel good spirited Nigerians to begin to steer the ship of governance towards the right direction in our march to arrest the current decadence in our national life.

National seminar to unravel the well articulated vision of this influencer group to recover a nation drifting to the precipice is underway in December at the heart beat of the Eastern Region –  Owerri.

It will showcase an array of speakers who are already jostling for various political offices in the country as well as distinguished patriots as participants who are worried over the current parlous state of our affairs.

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